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Expected behaviour for volunteers in schools, preschools and children's centres

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When you volunteer with us, we have expectations about how you behave. Our values and expectations are part of the principles of conduct for South Australian Public Sector Volunteers (attachment B) of the guideline of the commissioner for public sector employment – volunteers (PDF 538KB) and the department's Wellbeing for Learning and Life framework.


  • Service – proudly serve the community and government of South Australia
  • Professionalism – strive for excellence
  • Trust – have confidence in the ability of others
  • Respect – value every individual
  • Collaboration and engagement – create solutions together
  • Honesty and integrity – act truthfully, consistently, and fairly
  • Courage and tenacity – never give up
  • Sustainability – work to get the best results for current and future generations of South Australians.

What we expect from you

When you work with children and young people

When you’re with a child or young person:

  • make sure the time spent together is positive
  • treat them with dignity, equality and respect
  • give them a chance to speak about the things that affect their care or learning
  • listen to them
  • be aware that their needs and vulnerabilities are specific and can be different because of things like age, language barriers, developmental capabilities, disability, mental health, trauma or abuse
  • make sure they are in a space that is safe and free from obvious hazards.

Avoid making any special relationships with a child or young person:

  • make sure there’s no favouritism, like gifts or special treatment
  • don’t make relationships outside your volunteer role, including personal online social networking, like Facebook and Twitter, etc.

When you work with others

  • Be polite. Respect all people.
  • Don’t share personal information or talk unnecessarily about children or young people, staff or children’s parents or carers. Don’t gossip. Think before you talk about other people.

When you work with our staff

  • Understand that our staff have a broader duty of care for children and young people that can’t be delegated or transferred to you.
  • Respect the site leader’s role as the spokesperson for the school, preschool, or children’s centre.
  • Be careful about public discussions. Only share official information when authorised by the site leader or required by law.
  • Ask for help when needed. Listen to and follow instructions from the site leader.

Be ethical

  • Declare any conflicts of interest. Make sure a personal interest doesn't improperly affect your work.
  • Don’t accept gifts that might influence how you do your work.
  • Report unethical workplace behaviour that violates any law, is a danger to children, young people or the environment, or represents corrupt conduct or maladministration.
  • Use government and public resources responsibly and appropriately, including equipment and technology.


To apply to volunteer, contact the children’s centre, preschool or school you want to volunteer with.

Phone: 8226 3795
Emaileducation.volunteers [at] sa.gov.au