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Menstrual hygiene health support for children and young people

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This page outlines how education staff, care services, parents, guardians, and health professionals work together to manage a child or student with their menstrual hygiene in education and care settings.

About menstruation

Menstruation is bleeding from the vagina that happens about once a month, as a normal part of the menstrual cycle. It is also known as having a period. Menstruation usually starts between the ages of 8 and 13 and it can have a large effect on the quality and enjoyment of education than other aspects of puberty. 

Learn more about menstruation including:

  • what it is
  • potential problems
  • when it starts and why it might stop.

Health support plans and agreements

If the child or student needs support managing menstruation, the education or care service should refer to health support planning for children and students in education and care settings to ensure that the appropriate plans and agreements are in place. This is in addition to the menstruation-specific plans and agreements listed on this page. 

Care plan 

Parent or caregivers should complete the following forms with their child’s health professional and return it to their school, preschool or care provider. 

How parents and caregivers can help

Parents or guardians must:

  • notify the school, preschool or care service is experiencing menstruation
  • complete health care plans and agreements with their health care professionals and provide them to the school, preschool or care service
  • provide required medication to the school, preschool or care service.

If a medication agreement is in place, parents and caregivers must fulfil the roles and responsibilities outlined on the medication management and care page.

How health professionals help

Health professionals support schools, preschools, care services and families by helping to develop the care plan and any supporting medication and care agreements.

Disability advice and research

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Email: education.health [at] sa.gov.au