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School Sport SA secondary Howard Mutton awards

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Every year, the Howard Mutton awards present 3 trophies for school sports in South Australia:

  • City schools shield
  • Country schools shield
  • Memorial shield.

Each trophy is awarded to the school with the largest total points for outstanding participation and achievements in sport in School Sport SA's secondary programs.

Eligibility and criteria

All schools affiliated with School Sport SA are eligible to enter.

The emphasis of the Howard Mutton awards is on participation, not winning.

The criteria are involvement and success in:

  • local zone sport
  • state championships years 7 to 12
  • knockout competitions years 7 to 12
  • interstate representation 13 to 19 years teams.

The Memorial shield is based on general school participation over a wide range of activities and allows for the size of the school population.


Points are calculated by zone convenors and School Sport SA. Sports coordinators do not need to fill out any forms as all points are automatically entered after each event. The winning schools are announced at the beginning of the new school year.

2021 results

City Schools shield

  • 1st – Adelaide High School
  • 2nd – Henley High School
  • 3rd – Parafield Gardens High School

Country Schools shield

  • 1st – St Joseph's School
  • 2nd – Tenison Woods College
  • 3rd – Mount Gambier High School

Memorial shield

  • Springbank Secondary College

2021 total points results

About Howard Mutton and the awards

Howard Mutton championed the cause of increasing participation of young people in physical education and sport in education department schools for over 20 years. In his work as president of the SA Secondary Schools Sport Association, head of the Physical Education branch and superintendent of Health and Physical Education, he was a mentor to many aspiring young sports people and influenced the training of physical education teachers.

He was passionate about the social value of involvement in sport and believed that there was a place and level of participation for anyone who wanted to have a go. He participated at state level in cricket as a player and coach and excelled as coach of the state team of the South Australian Amateur Football League for many years.

Howard saw the humour in sport too and is famous for some of his sporting stories ­– most of which are true.

It is fitting that his legacy is recognised through this award.

Previous winners

City schools

2021                Adelaide High School

2020                Henley High School

2019                Henley High School

2018                Henley High School

2017                Henley High School

2016                Henley High School

2015                Henley High School

2014                Henley High School

2013                Henley High School

2012                Henley High School

2011                Unley High School

2010                Adelaide High School

2009                Unley High School

2008                Brighton High School

2007                Unley High School

2006                Henley High School

2005                Henley High School

2004                Henley High School

2003                Henley High School

2002                Henley High School

2001                Blackwood High School

2000                Blackwood High School

1999                Blackwood High School

1998                Blackwood High School

1997                Blackwood High School

1996                Blackwood High School

1995                Blackwood High School

1994                Blackwood High School

1993                Blackwood High School

1992                Blackwood High School

1991                Blackwood High School

1990                Blackwood High School

1989                Blackwood High School

1988                Blackwood High School

1987                Blackwood High School

1986                Campbelltown High School

1985                Campbelltown High School

1984                Enfield High School

1983                Enfield High School

1982                Enfield High School

1981                Brighton High School

Country schools

2021                St Joseph's School

2020                Tenison Woods College

2019                Tenison Woods College

2018                Tenison Woods College

2017                Tenison Woods College

2016                Tenison Woods College

2015                Tenison Woods College

2014                Glossop High School

2013                Tenison Woods College

2012                Tenison Woods College

2011                Port Lincoln High School

2010                Port Lincoln High School

2009                Loxton High School

2008                Loxton High School

2007                Whyalla High School

2006                Mount Gambier High School

2005                Mount Gambier High School

2004                Mount Gambier High School

2003                Mount Gambier High School

2002                Renmark High School

2001                Renmark High School

2000                Riverton & District High School

1999                Renmark High School

1998                Renmark High School

1997                Renmark High School

1996                Renmark High School

1995                Waikerie High School

1994                Renmark High School

1993                Renmark High School

1992                Waikerie High School

1991                Renmark High School

1990                Renmark High School

1989                Renmark High School

1988                Renmark High School

1987                Glossop High School

1986                Glossop High School

1985                Murray Bridge High School

1984                Nuriootpa High School

1983                Murray Bridge High School

1982                Glossop High School

1981                Gawler High School

Memorial shield

2021                Springbank Secondary College

2020                Harvest Christian School

2019                Pinnacle College

2018                Plympton International College

2017                Underdale High School

2016                Mark Oliphant College

2015                Gladstone College

2014                Cardijn College

2013                Booleroo Centre District School

2012                Bordertown High School

2011                Gladstone High School

2010                Streaky Bay Area School

2009                Para Hills High School

2008                Windsor Gardens Vocational College

2007                Streaky Bay Area School

2006                Glossop High School

2005                Clare High School

2004                Clare High School

2003                Reynella East High School

2002                Lameroo Regional Community School

2001                Lameroo Regional Community School

2000                Grant High School

1999                Riverton & District High School

1998                Fremont – Elizabeth City High School

1997                Bordertown High School

1996                Bordertown High School

1995                Taperoo High School

1994                Christies Beach High School

1993                Christies Beach High School

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