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Allergy and anaphylaxis in water safety

This page has information about allergy and anaphylaxis in water safety programs. Remember that teachers retain duty of care for their students at all times. As part of this responsibility, school staff must assist water safety instructors-in-charge to understand and monitor student health and wellbeing.

Water safety programs

Particular attention must be paid to allergy and anaphylaxis within water safety programs.

For aquatics activities, see the anaphylaxis management at aquatic centres fact sheet (PDF 92KB).

For all water safety programs, school staff are responsible for the management of student health conditions. For more information about other health conditions refer to the managing health in education and care page.

Medical consent form

The parent or guardian must complete a water safety consent form (PDF 81KB) for students participating in water safety activities.  This form will be shown to school staff, water safety instructors and emergency services personnel responsible for student safety in water safety activities.

No student can participate in water safety programs without completing the form.

A copy must be given to the water safety instructor-in-charge. Information provided is confidential and must be stored in a secure place.

First aid flow chart

Anaphylaxis and severe allergies in education and care

For more information about anaphylaxis and severe allergies, including the health support planning procedure, forms and resources, refer to the department's managing health in education and care internet page.

Water Safety Team

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