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A canteen is considered any food service endorsed by a school or preschool for children's consumption including outsourced services provided by a company, local bakery, deli or roadhouse.

Outsourcing canteens

It is important that schools only outsource to companies that supply foods in accordance with the Right Bite policy.

Where a government school enters an arrangement with a local food service provider, it is the school’s responsibility to ensure that the menu meets Eat Well SA healthy eating guidelines.

Food safety

Everybody involved in or supervising food handling operations must have skills and knowledge in food safety and food hygiene to a level relevant to the tasks they carry out.

The risk of food poisoning can be virtually eliminated if the food is properly handled, protected from contamination, stored correctly, and cooked or reheated to the correct temperature.

Refer to section 4 of the healthy eating guidelines for food safety instructions.

Canteen menus

The Right Bite manual provides a range of tools that assist canteens with menu planning.

Financial management

School staff can access a range of financial management tools and procedures from the school canteen management page on the intranet (staff login required).


Fundraising in schools must align with the Right Bite policy. If food is sold as part of a fundraiser, items should fall into the green or amber categories of the food and drink spectrum (PDF 625KB).

Healthy alternatives

If you do want to sell food or drinks as part of your fundraiser, some healthy options include:

  • reduced fat sausages and wholemeal bread for a sausage sizzle
  • barbequed corn, tomatoes and other veggies
  • baked potatoes with cottage cheese and vegetable dressing
  • pancakes or pikelets with berries
  • juices and smoothies
  • healthy pizzas on pita bread.

Implementing healthy food practices

The implementing healthy food practices page provides a variety of checklists, templates and examples to help canteens develop policy and healthy food practices.


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