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Online school and preschool governance training

The department is developing online training resources for school and governing councils and preschool management committees.

The training will give council and management committee members, site leaders and other interested people:

  • easy-to-use and accessible training resources
  • flexible learning opportunities
  • consistent training content.

Governing council training

Anyone on a governing council or who has an interest in being on a governing council can do free online training.

The training will give you a clear understanding of school governance and the roles, responsibilities, function and operations of governing councils.

This training is self-paced and could take up to 2 hours. It can be paused for you to come back to.

Sign up

Everyone needs to create their own account on the plink training portal before starting the training.

Non-department staff will need to set up a new account. Once you’re on the plink page, select ‘DECD governing council’ in the account type.

Staff can log in to the governing council plink portal with their LearnLink credentials.

You can do the training on your own, or if it suits your governing council you can do the training together.

When training in a group, your principal must send the names and emails of everyone doing the training to Education.sitegovernance [at] sa.gov.au. Once you complete the training it is recorded on everyone's plink profiles.

What’s coming

The department is developing more training resources to support school and preschool governance.  These topics will be available on the governing council website in 2018: 

  • an introduction to preschool governance
  • an introduction to governance for Aṉangu Lands schools
  • targeted governance resources. 


Site Governance, Partnerships, Schools and Preschools

Phone: 8226 9617
EmailEducation.sitegovernance [at] sa.gov.au