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Student Support Services

Student Support Services works with preschools and schools where there are children and young people who have particular educational support needs. This can include:

  • developmental delay/disability
  • learning difficulties
  • behavioural issues (social/emotional)
  • health or wellbeing issues
  • disengagement/non-attendance issues
  • communication difficulties.

Your preschool or school will discuss your child’s needs with the department’s Student Support Services team. We will provide advice, recommendations and involve our team members if necessary.

Services we offer

Here is an overview of the types of support services we can offer your child through preschool and school.

Behaviour support coach

As teachers, we work with the school leadership team to build on knowledge and skills that can help students with additional behavioural support needs. By promoting and supporting socially acceptable and positive behaviours, we can also help with any educational concerns.

Speech pathology

Working together with preschools and schools, we help children and young people who need speech, language and communication support. This can include assessment and intervention services, as well as working with staff to increase their capability to meet the learning and wellbeing needs of these children.


Working closely with you, we play a role in assessing and identifying children and young people with additional learning and behavioural needs. We help schools and preschools to choose and carry out interventions to support learning, wellbeing and enjoyment of school. We also educate schools and parents about topics such as learning disorders and cognitive processes (thinking and reasoning).

Aboriginal Education Services

An understanding of Aboriginal cultural and community knowledge underpins our work and recommendations. Our staff can tailor their approach to support students and their families and to help schools and preschools get the best out of their Aboriginal children and young people.

Special educator/special educator (hearing)

As teachers, we support schools and families to improve learning and wellbeing for students with disabilities including hearing impairment, learning difficulties and or health support needs. We also help school staff to adjust and adapt the curriculum to support these students.

Social work – truancy

We support schools to create inclusive learning environments and ways of working with children and young people to encourage their attendance and achievement. A positive school culture that welcomes all children and builds strong family and community connections is our goal.

English as an additional language or dialect

We work with students, teachers, school leaders and families to help children and young people whose first language is not English to adapt to and thrive in public schools. Our approach promotes strong and supportive social, emotional and inclusive environments and practices.

How the process works

We work together with you, your child and school staff to help your child thrive at preschool or school. This is a time specific service, with clear goals to guide us. Our aim is to help the preschool or school to build their expertise to support the learning needs of all children, including yours.

To do this, we may:

  • review existing information
  • observe your child in class or elsewhere at school
  • conduct formal assessments and recommendations
  • discuss your child’s learning and behavioural challenges
  • talk about this with preschool and school staff and family
  • hold staff training and development sessions
  • coach and mentor preschool and school staff
  • help staff to develop strategies
  • coordinate other services
  • refer your child to other supports/agencies.

Steps we follow

Our services usually follow these steps:
  • the preschool or school will discuss your child’s needs with us
  • we will give advice and recommendations
  • the preschool or school will apply these recommendations
  • if the preschool or school needs our specialist support, they will discuss their concerns with you and ask for your permission before making a request to us for assistance
  • after we have your permission, we will contact you to discuss how we will work with you, your child and their preschool or school before we start any work.

It is a good idea to talk with your child’s preschool or school about what support for your child will mean for your family and your child’s progress. There may also be occasions when we will meet or talk directly with you. You may withdraw permission at any time. Permission or withdrawal of permission does not apply to social work truancy services because attendance is a legal requirement.

Information sharing

Sometimes, we will share information with other service providers working with your child’s preschool or school. This means you should not have to repeat any information. You can be confident that everyone is working together to help your child.

Parent and carer brochure

To share this information, download and print a copy of our Student Support Services overview for parents and carers (PDF 399KB).

Local Student Support Services office

For enquiries, please contact your local Student Support Services office.


Student Support Services