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Student Support Services

Student Support Services works with preschools and schools where there are children and young people who have particular educational support needs. These needs include:

  • developmental delay/disability
  • learning difficulties
  • behavioural issues (social/emotional)
  • health or wellbeing issues
  • disengagement/non-attendance issues
  • communication difficulties.

Your school or preschool will discuss your child’s needs with the department’s Student Support Services team. We will provide advice, recommendations and involve our specialists if necessary. We will only involve our specialists with your consent.

If you'd like to talk with someone regarding Student Support Services, contact your school.

Information sharing

Where appropriate, information will be shared with other service providers allocated to your child’s school or preschool. This means you won’t need to keep repeating information and can have confidence that our professionals are working together to help your child.

How the process works

Support for your child will generally follow this process:

  1. Your preschool or school will discuss your child’s need with the Student Support Team.
  2. We will give advice and recommendations where appropriate.
  3. Your preschool or school will apply these recommendations.
  4. If the school needs specialist support, they will discuss the concerns with you and ask for your consent before making a request.

We work together with the school staff and you to address your child’s needs. This is a time-specific service, with clear goals to guide us. The aim is for the preschool or school to gain the expertise and capacity to support the learning needs of all children, including yours.

Our services may include:

  • reviewing existing information
  • observations
  • formal assessments and recommendations
  • negotiating learning and engagement
  • discussions with staff and family
  • staff training and development
  • coaching and mentoring of staff
  • assisting staff to develop strategies
  • coordination of services
  • referral to other supports/agencies
  • building teacher and school or preschool capacity.

How you may be involved

We will contact you before we begin any work to discuss how we will work with your child and their school.

After providing your consent, you may withdraw it at any time. We encourage you to talk with your child’s school or preschool about what support for your child will mean for your family.

Your child’s preschool or school will keep you up-to-date on progress, but there may also be occasions when we meet or talk directly with you.

If you have any questions about our involvement or the process of providing support to your child, please first speak with your school or preschool.

About the Student Support Services team

The team includes:

  • an Aboriginal education team
  • attendance and engagement social workers
  • behaviour support coaches
  • family focus social workers
  • psychologists
  • special educators
  • special educators (hearing)
  • speech pathologists.