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First aid qualifications for Swimming and Aquatics unit instructors

All Department for Education swimming and aquatics instructors must hold a current first aid qualification relevant to the type of instruction provided.

Required training

Swimming and surf education instructors

For swimming and surf education instructors a current basic emergency life support (BELS) or provide first aid (formerly senior first aid) is required.

Aquatics instructors

For aquatics instructors  a current provide first aid (formerly senior first aid) qualification is required.

These qualifications are valid for 3 years.

'Provide first aid' or BELS courses

To organise 'provide first aid' or BELS training, contact a provider that has received national training authority accreditation.

Accredited providers regularly used

The following providers are all nationally accredited to provide both apply first aid and BELS training.

If you attend a course from a provider not on this list, proof of accreditation must be provided along with your training certification.

When you have completed 'provide first aid' or BELS training

Current instructors renewing this qualification must send a copy of their updated certificate to the Swimming and Aquatics unit. 

Instructors applying to work for the Swimming and Aquatics unit must attach a copy of their certificate to their application checklist.


Water safety team

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