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History of sports organisations in our schools

Sapsasa – Primary School Sport

Sapsasa – Primary School Sport was established as the South Australian Public Schools Amateur Sports Association (SAPSASA) in 1912. By 1927 most government schools were members – 65 schools with 584 teachers.

SAPSASA began interstate exchanges in 1923 when it joined Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales in their existing football program. In 1949 the association changed its name from South Australian Public Schools Sports Association to South Australian Primary Schools Sports Association to allow all primary school students to be involved in the program. In 1978 SAPSASA became an incorporated body.

In 2005 SAPSASA voted to dissolve as an association and in 2006 a 3-tier primary school sport committee structure was established within the education department. It became known as Sapsasa – Primary School Sport. The name was retained with its logo as it is one of the most widely recognised sport organisations in SA. Since it is now known without the original words from the acronym, we write it as Sapsasa.

Thousands of South Australian families have been involved in playing, coaching, transporting and billeting primary school students across the state. There are many families who can look back over 2, 3 or 4 generations of being involved with Sapsasa.

See the list of Sapsasa – Primary School Sport award recipients (PDF 160KB).

Secondary School Sport SA

Secondary School Sport SA began as four separate associations – the SA Boys Technical Schools Sports Association, The SA Girls Technical Sports Association, the Girls High School Association and the Metropolitan Boys High Schools. In the late 1970s the associations amalgamated and developed a new constitution under the name of SASSSA (South Australia Secondary Schools Sports Association) becoming an incorporated body in 1980.

SASSSA as an incorporated body was dissolved in 2004 and became a committee of the Department for Education and Child Development. Because it was no longer an association, SASSSA became Secondary School Sport SA.

Secondary School Sport SA has grown into a vibrant organisation which recognises the importance of providing opportunities for all young South Australian students to engage in physical activity for health, fun, satisfaction, recognition, while providing valuable learning outcomes.

See the list of Secondary School Sport SA award recipients (PDF 147KB).


School Sport SA

Phone: 8416 5900
Email: education.schoolsportsa [at] sa.gov.au