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Teacher salary levels and applying for a reclassification

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Salary step levels

All teachers (permanent, temporary, relieving and contract) employed under the Education Act and Children's Services Act 2019 start on step 1.

After 207 duty days (equivalent to 1 school year of full-time teaching), teachers will automatically receive the next salary step.

There are 8 incremental salary steps paid in line with academic and teacher qualifications and length of teaching service.

Salary step 9 (staff login required) is not an automatic recognition of service but a competency-based progression.

Current rates for teachers are detailed in pay, wages and salaries

Apply for a salary reclassification

To apply for salary reclassification, a teacher must:

  1. provide information about any teaching experience outside of SA government schools and preschools that has accrued and additional qualifications which may not have been recognised
  2. after your first day of work as a teacher with an SA government school or preschool, complete the salary reclassification (SR) request form (PDF 174KB). For help completing the form read the guidelines for reclassification and reassessment (PDF 32KB)
  3. provide a signed statement of service if you have been employed by education authorities other than the Department for Education.
  4. attach all relevant official parchments and academic transcripts for qualifications you have attained
  5. email the completed form and supporting documentation to education.hr [at] sa.gov.au.

Allow up to 8 weeks for processing. An acknowledgement of your submission will be sent to you in 7 working days.

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