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Retired teachers working as temporary teachers

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New mandatory notification training is available now. You can do this if:

  • your certificate is expiring soon, or
  • you do not have a current certificate.

If you have retired from employment as a permanent teacher within a South Australian government school or preschool you can register for temporary teaching employment.

Application process

To apply for temporary teaching positions you must register your interest for teaching for the year you are interested in teaching. You can do this on EduJobs.

Application details

Some of the details needed for the application are: 

  • a copy of your residency verification (birth certificate or current Australian passport) and any additional name change documents, eg marriage or divorce certificates
  • your personal details including a personal email address and your original department ID number
  • a copy of your qualifications and/or transcripts
  • relevant subject codes and year levels under teaching domains and ratings, requiring either
    • the contact details of a line manager who can verify your teaching experience
    • written references or academic transcripts relating to the subjects and year levels
  • locations in which you are interested in working
  • preferred fraction of time
  • referee details.

If you answer yes to any of the questions in the employment declaration you must provide full details including dates and attach any relevant documents (eg a current medical report).


These certificates must be current and attached to your online application if not already recorded with recruitment:

A résumé or personal statement are optional.

Finalising the application

Once the application and certificate details have been recorded with the Recruitment Centre, an authority to teach letter will be emailed to you.

Recruitment cannot process your application until your resignation date and any superannuation payouts have been finalised. Contact your superannuation fund for advice on any necessary waiting periods before applying.

Get help with
the application process

People and Culture

Phone: 8226 1356
Email: education.hr [at] sa.gov.au