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Contract management for suppliers

There are several things that suppliers need to consider when managing a contract with the department.

Managing your contract with the department

Key tasks include:

  • review the contract and understand the obligations of both your business and the Department for Education
  • follow key performance indicators (KPIs) and reporting requirements detailed in the contract
  • discuss issues and challenges as they arise.

Managing your relationships within the department

Maintaining good relationships is important. It will allow you to deal with issues before they become problems.

You should:

  • establish a positive relationship with your contract manager
  • communicate regularly
  • seek and provide constructive feedback
  • be honest and transparent.

Dealing with contract issues

Deal with issues in line with the contract.

Raise issues as early as possible to allow time for them to be resolved.

Monitoring and reviewing your progress

You have an obligation to track your progress. This should be done against contracted requirements and KPIs.

Reporting your performance

Follow the reporting requirements set out in the contract, which may include:

  • measuring KPIs
  • progress reports.

Maintaining accurate records

Accurate records and documentation are an important part of contract management and helps you monitor your contract.

Coming to the end of the contract

Talk to the department's contract manager prior to the end of your contract and seek clarification if the contract will be renewed, extended or a new procurement process will be run.

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