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Learning+ online tutoring program

The department’s Learning+ program is providing SA students at participating schools access to free one-to-one online tutoring with qualified teachers, after school and on weekends. This program aims to improve learning outcomes for participating students.

Find out more about the program and how to become a maths tutor for Learning+.

Benefits to becoming a maths tutor

Become a Learning+ online maths tutor video transcript

Joel Baldwin, Learning+ maths tutor: I became a maths tutor with Learning+ for a number of reasons. One the flexibility, two the extra money and three the fact that you’re able to improve a young person’s confidence and numerical abilities so well.

I really liked the idea of tutoring kids one-on-one and the extra $90 an hour is also a massive bonus.

My own teaching practice has improved because I am so much more confident with technology now. Mainly through my online delivery, I had to film videos and work with students online and I was already comfortable doing it because I had done it with Learning+ and with this tutoring position I have seen a huge amount of improvement, even though it’s less kids, I’ve seen more improvement.

Because it’s online, you’re talking to people in Whyalla and Clare and in the city and Victor Harbor so it’s a fantastic opportunity to talk to other tutors who are in the same situation.

Also, Learning+ offer masterclass sessions which are basically professional development opportunities in the city. They give you a certificate at the end of it and once you leave you feel so great because you’ve got all these great resources and teaching techniques that you didn’t have before.

Just give it a go, it’s so flexible that if you do it for a term with just one student and you don’t like it you don’t need to do it again, but I guarantee you will like it.

End of transcript.

Apply to be a maths tutor

The Learning+ online mathematics tutoring program is a great career opportunity for teachers.

We are now recruiting primary and secondary maths teachers to become online tutors as part of the Learning+ program.

What's involved

As a Learning+ maths tutor you will:

  • conduct 2 online Microsoft Teams tutoring sessions per week for 10 weeks with a year 6, 7, 8 or 9 student (sessions run for 40 minutes – 10 minutes preparation time and 30 minutes tutoring)
  • identify individual student learning needs, including an initial pre-assessment interview
  • design tailored sessions that support academic growth and encourage a growth-mindset
  • provide regular feedback to the student’s maths teacher and their parent or caregiver
  • enjoy the rewarding experience of developing students understanding and confidence in a one-to-one environment
  • choose your workload, days and time you work (tutoring sessions can take place Monday to Friday between 4.00pm and 7.00pm, and Saturday and Sunday between 9.00am and 5.00pm)
  • use the online tutoring platform to manage your own scheduling and preparation
  • work remotely from anywhere in SA
  • undertake an induction
  • have access to professional learning opportunities and purpose-built resources from leaders in education at the University of Melbourne.

Pay rate

Tutors will be employed as casual class 2 hourly paid instructors. They will be paid for hours worked at a rate of $93.55 per hour. 

This pay rate incorporates a 25% casual loading in lieu of sick leave, recreation leave, recreation leave loading and public holidays not worked.


Teachers from the independent sector and the department can apply, as can temporary relief teachers (TRTs).

To be eligible, you must:

All teachers that are not permanent employees with the department must have a current, approved Authority to Teach (Employable Teacher Register (ETR) application).

Employees on leave

Department employees may be eligible to work as a Learning+ tutor if they are on:

  • long service or retention leave
  • long term special leave
  • paid and unpaid maternity leave, noting that starting tutoring work may impact on entitlements to Commonwealth Parental Leave Pay.

Department employees are not eligible to work as a Learning+ tutor if they are on paid or unpaid sick leave, or leave associated with a work injury.

Retired teachers

If you’re retiring you can apply to work as a tutor provided that your resignation date and any superannuation payments are finalised. Contact your superannuation fund for advice on necessary waiting periods before applying.

Workspace requirements

As this is a flexible working arrangement, tutors need to provide their own equipment and abide by all working from home agreements specified by the department.

Tutors must set up their workstation with:

  • a computer with microphone and video camera
  • internet access
  • a desk and chair
  • teaching aids.

How to apply

You can apply at any time as we coordinate a rolling recruitment process.

Future intake key dates will be managed based on role availability.

Read the Learning+ tutor position description (PDF 136KB).

Independent sector teachers

Visit Learning+ pilot program – how to apply for teachers in the independent sector.

Department teachers

Apply via the Learning+ tutor application portal.

The application process

During the application process you will need to:

  • complete a short online application form
  • upload your resume and a short professional bio
  • undertake a pre-recorded video introduction
  • give your referee details through Xref.

For the video introduction you'll be asked to explain:

  • Why are you interested in becoming an online tutor?
  • What capabilities do you have that would make you successful as an online tutor?
  • When providing 1:1 tutoring to a student, what would you do differently in an online environment?
  • What professional learning or support would you need to be successful as an online tutor?

Contact the Learning+ Team at learningplus@sa.gov.au or on 8463 5604 if you have any questions.

Selection process

Once applications are received, a centralised process takes place to review candidate eligibility and applications. A due diligence process is also conducted with relevant department units.

The Learning+ Team will advise you of the application outcome.

If your application is successful you will be given an offer of employment for consideration.

Pilot program in action

The Learning+ pilot program was launched in 2021, focussing on mathematics tutoring for year 6 and 8 students. In 2022 the pilot will expand to year 6, 7, 8 and 9 students.

Learning+ tutors are qualified teachers who have:

  • experience teaching mathematics
  • an in-depth understanding of the Australian Curriculum.

Students are matched with a tutor for the duration of the program. Tutors provide a personalised learning experience by:

  • identifying individual student needs
  • delivering tailored sessions that support academic growth and independent learning.

How students were selected in 2021

To evaluate the effectiveness of the program we needed a large group of students with varying mathematical ability. Students were randomly selected from over 100 schools that nominated to participate in the pilot program.

Evaluating the pilot

An independent evaluation of the pilot program is underway. At the end of the pilot, a recommendation report will be provided to the department for consideration and to inform future programs.

Learning+ Team

Phone: 8463 5604
Emaillearningplus [at] sa.gov.au