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Learning+ pilot tutoring program

In 2021 up to 2,000 South Australian public school students will have access to free one-to-one maths tutoring with qualified teachers with the launch of the department’s Learning+ pilot program. This program aims to improve learning outcomes for participating students.

Find out more about the program and how to become a maths tutor for Learning+.

2021 pilot program

The pilot Learning+ program will focus on mathematics tutoring for year 6 and year 8 students in 2021.

Learning+ tutors are qualified teachers who have:

  • experience teaching mathematics
  • an in-depth understanding of the Australian Curriculum.

Students are matched with a tutor for the duration of the program. Tutors provide a personalised learning experience by:

  • identifying individual student needs
  • delivering tailored sessions that support academic growth and independent learning.

How students are selected

To evaluate the effectiveness of the program we needed a large group of students with varying mathematical ability. Students were randomly selected from over 100 schools that nominated to participate in the pilot program.

Evaluating the pilot

An independent evaluation will be undertaken throughout the pilot program. At the end of the pilot, a recommendation report will be provided to the department for consideration and to inform future programs.

Become a Learning+ maths tutor

Become a Learning+ tutor video transcript

Thinking about being a Learning+ tutor?

Kathy: I would totally recommend becoming a Learning+ tutor. The professional development for me is just phenomenal. I love it.

Patrick: You get to make a difference firsthand and and I think that's really, I think that's something that really motivates a lot of educators.

Ashleigh: Really creating those relationships and just enabling a positive learning environment.

Kathy: The one-on-one for the students and being able to see that feedback from them straight away is really, really good.

Patrick: You do see the impact firsthand, and by working one-on-one with the student, you get to know them on a much, I guess, deeper level in terms of being able to understand what makes them tick, but also how they think from a numeracy point of view, which is something you don't often get to do in the classroom, because you're too busy worrying about the five, six, seven, eight other hands that are going up. And they all want your attention. So being able to focus your attention purely on that one individual and do the best that you can possibly do to support them is something that I've really enjoyed.

Ashleigh: I think all my parents have been amazing. My students have been amazing, they don’t miss sessions they’ve been great.

Patrick: From parents I've spoken to briefly after sessions they've said if I can keep you for the rest of the year, I would.

Ashleigh: Learning+ have been amazing in providing learning resources, we’ve been provided with, initial assessments for the students. So we started with the year sixes. Initial interviews allow us to really highlight the areas that students are struggling with.

Patrick: I've also really enjoyed connecting with a lot of colleagues in this space. Initially, I thought you'd kind of be by yourself. And, you know, operate as a solo operator from home, but I really felt like you haven't been alone.

Ashleigh: I have a young child at home so being able to find a role where I'm able to still use my professional skills, but in a lifestyle that works me as a mum.

Patrick: The level of flexibility. I've enjoyed being able to work from home.

Kathy: Online is great.

Ashleigh: Yes. I love being a learning plus tutor.

Patrick: Give it a crack, bring your enthusiasm, bring your energy. And then who knows what great things may come of it.

End of transcript.

We are now recruiting secondary maths teachers to become online tutors as part of the Learning+ pilot program. 

As a Learning+ tutor you will:

  • be paid $89.30 an hour to conduct 2 online tutoring sessions per week for 10 weeks (each session runs for 30 minutes with 20 minutes preparation required for each student)
  • enjoy the rewarding experience of developing students understanding and confidence in a one-to-one environment
  • choose your workload, days and time you work (the tutoring sessions take place after school or on weekends)
  • work from anywhere
  • have access to professional learning opportunities and purpose-built resources from leaders in education at the University of Melbourne.


To be eligible, you must:

  • be a registered teacher in South Australia
  • have experience teaching maths in South Australia.

All maths teachers including public, private, temporary relief teachers (TRTs) and teachers on maternity leave can apply.

How to apply

Applications are now open.

Before applying, check the application requirements:

To apply, visit the Learning+ tutor application portal.

Learning+ Team

Phone: 8463 5604
EmailLearningplus [at] sa.gov.au