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Out-of-pocket costs for volunteers

When you volunteer at one of the department’s sites or services, you might find you have to pay for something with your own money. You usually won’t be expected to do this as the site should provide whatever is needed to do the work.

Get permission first

If you need to buy something as part of your volunteering, check with the site leader or the volunteer contact person first. They will let you know if it’s the sort of thing that’s okay to claim. They might also be able to purchase what you need instead.

How to claim your money back

If you have had to buy something, make sure you keep the receipt so you can give it to the site leader or volunteer contact person. They will guide you through how to claim the money. 


To apply to volunteer, contact the children’s centre, preschool or school you want to volunteer with.

Phone: 8226 3795
Emaileducation.volunteers [at] sa.gov.au