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How Aboriginal people can volunteer in education and care locations

All volunteers must now do updates for RRHAN-EC training. You must do this if:

  • your certificate has no expiry date, or
  • you have no certificate.

Why we value Aboriginal people as volunteers

Volunteers bring their life skills, expertise, knowledge and diversity to our schools, preschools, children’s centres, and education offices. You might want to share your knowledge and culture with others through:

  • your Aboriginal language
  • mentoring
  • storytelling, basic weaving, arts and music
  • traditional foods, gardening and growing
  • sport
  • books and reading
  • science, technology, engineering and maths.

We want volunteers who:

  • want to share their talents with our community
  • are compassionate and kind
  • care about children and young people
  • enjoy helping others
  • want to make a difference in the lives of children and young people.

What you can do

There are so many ways to help. You could:

  • help us to interpret Aboriginal languages
  • join in activities like NAIDOC Week and National Reconciliation Week
  • connect with and support other Aboriginal families and children
  • share aspects of your culture
  • be a positive mentor and connection for children and young people
  • help build a sense of community
  • support reconciliation
  • help us to break down cultural or possible language barriers.

You can help children and young people:

  • get an education
  • improve their reading and numeracy
  • learn self-management, responsibility, and respect
  • become strong, creative and resilient
  • learn and reach their potential
  • develop life skills.

Things to think about


When you help depends on what you want to do. If you’re free:

  • during school hours, you could help with reading or mentoring
  • outside school hours, you could help with sports or the homework centre.

It could be an hour here and there, or a few hours a week.

Costs of training and screening checks

Most costs are covered by the department. You can talk to staff at one of our schools, preschools or children’s centres to find out more.

You might need to do a:


Volunteers can work in a school, preschool, children’s centre or education office.

The benefits to you

When you volunteer you’ll have fun, be challenged and make new friends. You could learn:

  • about other cultures, and others in your community
  • new skills.

You might feel:

  • connected to new people and places
  • a sense of belonging
  • happier, more confident and grow as a person
  • valued, appreciated and respected.

It might lead you to:

  • find out what’s happening in your child's day
  • build networks with other parents and members of the community
  • strengthen your resume for future employment.


To apply to volunteer, contact the children’s centre, preschool or school you want to volunteer with.

Phone: 8226 3795
Emaileducation.volunteers [at] sa.gov.au