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Australia Post mail service for the department

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The Distribution Centre acts as a mailing agent for the department. They provide advice and the Australia Post bag service (red bag) for articles to be posted externally.

Consider whether your mail can be sent via the green internal bag before posting.

Sending and receiving Australia Post mail

Sending mail

  1. Use a corporate envelope and complete the receiver's full address details.
  2. Place the item(s) in the red Australia Post bag.

Excess mail and parcels are to be in Australia Post mailing tubs, available from the Distribution Centre. Ensure your red Australia Post bag account is recorded, along with any extra each tubs or parcels.

Receiving mail

The official postal address for the Department for Education is:
GPO Box 1152, Adelaide SA 5001

Mail sent to this GPO box address is distributed daily via the internal courier bag. It applies to all Department for Education corporate office regardless of location. 

A recommended format is as follows:

Your name
Your business unit
Department for Education
GPO Box 1152
Adelaide  SA  5001

All registered and express post mail is recorded before distribution.

If your mail does not arrive please liaise with Australia Post.


This mail is distributed by Australia Post and charged to your unit’s budget line.

Postage paid and reply paid

Postage paid

Postage paid mail cannot be posted into Australia Post mail boxes. All postage paid mail must be posted via the red Australia Post bag.

Reply paid

You can make it easier for your customers to return documents by opening a reply paid account with the Distribution Centre. Contact the Distribution Centre for advice.

Postage paid envelopes cannot be used by your customers.

Registered and express post

These services are provided by Australia Post

Australia Post supplies can be requested from the Distribution Centre via educationdistributioncentre [at] sa.gov.au (email). Please allow up to 24 hours for your supplies to be delivered.

Changing address details

If your details have changed (name, role, office, etc.) you will need to:

Distribution Centre

Phone: 8234 0140
Fax: 8234 0136
Email: educationdistributioncentre [at] sa.gov.au