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Internal courier service for the department

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The internal courier service is available within your office for the exchange of mail and parcels between sites. 

Who can use courier services

This service is available to:

  • education department corporate offices
  • Department for Child Protection
  • SA government schools and preschools
  • TAFE
  • children’s services.

Operating times

Internal courier bags scheduled exchanges are Monday to Friday as follows (unless otherwise stated):

Site Schedule

SA government schools




Children's services

As required



Catholic schools

As required (for internal distributions only)

Independent schools

As required (for internal distributions only)

Addressing requirements

Please make sure your correspondence is addressed as follows.

Education and child protection corporate sites

Receiver's name, corporate unit name and round / drop number

Your round / drop number can be viewed for:

Government schools and preschools

School name, receiver's name.

Non government schools and preschools

Mail and parcels cannot be transported through the internal courier bag. Post directly with Australia Post.


Site name and full address details for both the sender and receiver.

Internal mail

Tracking mail

Mail that is transported within the internal courier bag cannot be tracked.

Parcels can be tracked as long as the sender and receiver's site names are included.


If something does not fit through a post box slot it will generally be processed as a parcel.

Articles may also be sent as parcels if:

  • the recipient's mail bag is full
  • the item is deemed fragile
  • the item has a monetary value.

Metropolitan sites 

  1. Clearly have your parcels addressed with both the sender and receiver's site names.
  2. Place parcels in the vicinity of your green courier bag. 

Drivers will collect all parcels unless negotiated with the site.

Larger parcels may require collection by a courier. Please telephone the Distribution Centre to arrange this.

Country sites 

  1. Email the Distribution Centre via educationdistributioncentre [at] sa.gov.au to notify them of the collection and how many parcels there will be. 
  2. The Distribution Centre will create an automatic booking for collection and also provide instructions and consignment labels for each parcel via return email.

The parcels will be collected as soon as practical by a contracted courier.

Larger items for return may require a special courier. Please phone the Distribution Centre to arrange this. 

Distribution Centre

Phone: 8234 0140
Fax: 8234 0136
Email: educationdistributioncentre [at] sa.gov.au