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SAASTA Connect program

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The SAASTA Connect program for Aboriginal students in years 7, 8 and 9 encourages attendance at school and positive participation in cultural, leadership, literacy and sporting activities. The program provides a series of culturally appropriate curriculum resources for schools.

Connect introduces students to SAASTA and its expectations in preparation to join a school-based or specialist academy from year 10.

The SAASTA Connect program supports positive student outcomes in:

  • attendance
  • engagement in school and learning
  • understanding of culture and identity
  • leadership
  • healthy living
  • the transition from middle school to senior school
  • literacy and numeracy skills.

SAASTA Connect at your school

Participation in SAASTA Connect is arranged between schools and SAASTA. Connect can be run by government schools in South Australia, including those that do not operate a school-based academy in years 10 to 12.

Schools interested in running SAASTA Connect should contact the Connect Curriculum Coordinator at SAASTA@sa.gov.au.

Four students being instructed by two SAASTA team members. Everyone is smiling.


SAASTA Connect curriculum materials are aligned to the Australian Curriculum Framework. They focus on identity, language and culture, and history.

Embedding these important concepts and values in the curriculum helps students understand the relevance of their classroom learning to themselves, their lives and their future. This helps drive greater student engagement, achievement and retention, setting students up for a successful transition to senior secondary education.

SAASTA staff provide learning materials that are delivered by selected teachers and Aboriginal workers within a school. Schools choose how to align their SAASTA Connect class to their existing curriculum structure.

Additional benefits for students

Connect students are rewarded for their effort with opportunities to participate in state-wide events and cultural activities, such as the Power SAASTA Connect Carnival. These invitations are offered to students who achieve their behavioural and academic goals.


Phone: 8226 1204
EmailSAASTA [at] sa.gov.au