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SAASTA key annual events

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SAASTA school-based academy students are invited to participate in several major events throughout the school year.

These events support a connection between curriculum, sport, completing the SACE, engaging with the community and pathways to employment or further education after school.

By strengthening students’ connections to their community and culture, SAASTA events support students to stay engaged in secondary education, complete the SACE, and make successful post-school transitions.

SAASTA annual events

Santos Aboriginal Power Cup

The Santos Aboriginal Power Cup (SAPC) uses football to engage Aboriginal students in their education and pathways planning.

It is the culmination of a semester of work for SAASTA school-based academy students. They accumulate points over the course of the semester for their attendance, work completion and standard of work, which enables them to participate.

Students are invited to attend a 2-day football carnival hosted by the Port Adelaide Football Club. They participate in a 9-a-side round robin football competition, as well as a health and career expo and cultural dance practice.

The 2 teams with the most points play a grand final on Adelaide Oval before a Port Adelaide AFL game, usually during the Sir Doug Nichols Round. All students have the opportunity to participate in a cultural dance on Adelaide Oval before the game.

STEM Aboriginal Learner Congress

Aboriginal learners across South Australia in years 5 to 10, including SAASTA students, are invited to apply to attend the STEM Aboriginal Learner Congress. The congress aims to engage and inspire the next generation of young Aboriginal scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians.

Schools are asked to nominate a STEM-focused teacher and up to 4 eligible students to attend the congress at the Adelaide Convention Centre. The 2-day program features workshops, experiences and keynote speakers in person, off site and virtually.

Specialist Academies Trials

Students who wish to apply for selection into any of the 4 specialist academies participate in trials. A student’s trial results are considered alongside their academic performance and school behaviour when offering specialist academy places for the following year.

Registrations of interest for the trials opens in term 3 each year.

Power SAASTA Connect Carnival

SAASTA Connect students in years 7, 8 and 9 can attend a 1-day carnival hosted by the Port Adelaide Football Club. To be eligible to attend, students need to complete curriculum tasks and adhere to behaviour and attendance expectations.

Specialist Academies Graduation

Specialist academy students celebrate their graduate in term 4 each year to recognise their achievements.

Guests at the graduation include all specialist academy students who successfully complete the program, their teachers and industry staff.

School-Based Academies Awards Ceremony

Student achievement in school-based academies is recognised and celebrated with specific awards given out each year to academies and individual students. The awards ceremony is usually held at the end of the SAASTA Shield.


The SAASTA Shield is the culmination of work for school-based academy students at the end of semester 2. Students can participate in a 2-day carnival playing various sports. The sports played change each year.

Like the Santos Aboriginal Power Cup, students accumulate points throughout the semester and have the opportunity to participate in a round robin sports carnival. The over winners are the 2 academies who have accumulated the most points throughout the semester, including at the round robin carnival.

Aboriginal Career Exploration (ACE) Graduation

The Aboriginal Career Exploration Graduation Ceremony is held in term 4. It celebrates the achievements of students who successfully complete the learning requirements of the ACE program and achieve their 20 credits of community learning.

The graduation ceremony is a fitting recognition of the students’ achievement and the work they have done to set themselves up for successful post-school transitions.

Upcoming events calendar

2022 SAASTA events

Term 4

Power SAASTA Connect Carnival


SAASTA School Based Awards Ceremony

Aboriginal Career Exploration (ACE) Graduation

2023 SAASTA events

Term 1

Aboriginal Career Exploration (ACE) block week 1

Term 2

Santos Aboriginal Power Cup

Aboriginal Career Exploration (ACE) block week 2


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