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Literacy and numeracy in the early years – birth to 6 years

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Literacy abilities are developed when children express themselves through play and other activities. Children develop confidence and positive attitudes when their parents, carers, family and friends speak and play with them, encouraging them to explore their world and ask questions.

Children become numerate as they explore mathematical ideas and engage in problem-solving. Children develop confidence as their parents, carers, families and friends help them to mathematically investigate space, structures and patterns, number, measurement, and different kinds of data and connections.

Early Years Learning Framework

The Early Years Learning Framework describes the principles, practices and outcomes that support and enhance young children's learning, including their transition to school. It provides information and guidance for practitioners who work directly with children in early childhood settings.

Indicators of preschool numeracy and literacy

Educators use the Indicators of preschool numeracy and literacy to extend and enrich every child’s preschool learning experience. The Indicators also support educators to communicate with parents about their child’s literacy and numeracy progress.

Literacy and numeracy resources

The GreatStart website provides valuable ideas about everyday learning for literacy and numeracy to families with young children.

There are a range of other resources provided by government agencies and non-government organisations which can assist families in supporting children’s literacy and numeracy development.

Literacy and Numeracy Team

Phone: 8463 5990

Email: Education.NumeracyandLiteracy [at] sa.gov.au