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Literacy and numeracy resources for families

Literacy and numeracy resources

The GreatStart website offers wide range of valuable learning resources that will help build understanding of numeracy and literacy concepts. The website includes games and activities based on everyday experiences for children aged under five years.

ABC Splash offers learning resources that links to the Australian Curriculum (Reception to Year 10) – it offers a number of numeracy and literacy resources.

The Learning Potential website and app offer ideas to support children’s learning in the early years, primary school, high school – and at all ages.

National Numeracy and Literacy week is an annual event that raises awareness of the importance of literacy and numeracy skills for all Australian students. The website offers resources, ideas and event information.

The NSW National Literacy and Numeracy Week website has literacy and numeracy resources for parents.

iTunes U offers podcasts, videos and publications from schools, colleges and universities around the world. You will need to download the iTunes app or software (Mac or Windows) to access iTunes U resources.

Literacy resources

The Little Big Book Club promotes reading for children.

Libraries SA lists services and activities.

Let’s Read promotes reading with young children.

The South Australian Women’s and Children’s Health network promotes general child health and wellbeing, and has resources on topics including:

Indigenous Kids Read is a literacy guide for indigenous families.

The ReadWriteThink website helps parents engage their children in reading activities.

The key ideas and learning continuum for the literacy general capability, Australian Curriculum will help parents and learners understand expectations of learners at each level of learning.

Numeracy resources

NRICH – enriching early years to secondary mathematics for parents, carers, teachers and learners, University of Cambridge.

youcubed at Stanford University includes resources for parents, carers, teachers and learners.

The key ideas and learning continuum for the numeracy general capability, Australian Curriculum will help parents and learners understand expectations of learners at each level of learning.

Other resources for families

Early Childhood Australia represents young children, providing numerous resources both free online and for purchase.

The parent information section of the Australian Curriculum website provides information for families and carers about their children and the Australian Curriculum.

Families Australia promotes the needs and interests of families.

The Parenting Research Centre has research based on parenting being a critical factor in the quality of life and wellbeing of children.

The Social Policy Research Centre publishes research and fosters discussion on all aspects of social policy. 

Our Learning SA supports students, families and teachers for continued learning between school and home. 


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