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School enrolments for families on 457 and 482 visas

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This information is about school enrolments for families on subclass 457 or 482 visas. Students attending certain schools in country South Australia won't need to pay the temporary resident student fee from 1 January 2019. See list of country schools (PDF 213KB) to find out if you need to pay.

For information about international student enrolments, visit International Educational Services.

How to enrol

Step 1 – approach a school

Most government schools are zoned. Where your children go to school will depend on where you live. For information about enrolling at your local school please contact the school directly.

You can find government schools in your area at find a school or preschool.

Enrolment will be offered based on the:

Step 2 – temporary resident student registration

Visit temporary resident student registration and renewal forms and complete a 'temporary resident student registration form'.

Include every child applying for enrolment in a South Australian government school for which the 457 and 482 visa student fee is payable. If you want to enrol your child in a non-government school, contact the school to enquire about their enrolment procedures and costs.

Step 3 – pay the temporary resident student fee

You can pay the fee either:

  • up-front annually via BPay or, BPoint
  • in weekly, fortnightly, monthly or per term instalments via BPay, BPoint or direct debit.

See paying the temporary resident student fee for more information about payment options.

Once a payment has been received the department will issue a confirmation of registration letter via email.

Step 4 – give the school all documents

You must give the confirmation of registration letter to the school where your children are enrolled.

A general school enrolment form is completed for each child at the respective school they will be attending. This form will be provided by South Australian government schools.

You'll also need to pay a separate materials and services charge to the school. That amount varies between schools.

Step 5 – update your information

Complete the change 457 or 482 visa holder information form to update your address, contact details, visa status and school, or to register another child at a later date.

Temporary resident student fee administration

Phone: (08) 8226 7598
Email: Education.TempVisaStudents [at] sa.gov.au