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Teaching for Effective Learning framework guide

The TfEL framework guide (PDF 12MB) supports leaders and teachers in working together to reflect on and develop quality learning and teaching. The resource helps bring the framework alive. It provides:

  • stories
  • snapshots of exemplary practice
  • teaching strategies
  • reflective questions
  • provocative statements
  • indicators for teacher and student actions.

Learning for effective teaching - Domain 1

1.1 Understand how self and others learn (PDF 315KB)

1.2 Develop deep pedagogical and content knowledge (PDF 197KB)

1.3 Participate in professional learning communities and networks (PDF 393KB)

1.4 Engage with the community (PDF 276KB)

1.5 Discuss educational purpose and policy (PDF 201KB)

1.6 Design, plan and organise for learning and teaching (PDF 356KB)

Domain 1 SA TfEL framework guide (PDF 3MB)

Create safe conditions for rigorous learning - Domain 2

2.1 Develop democratic relationships (PDF 468KB)

2.2 Build a community of learners (PDF 544KB)

2.3 Negotiate learning (PDF 481KB)

2.4 Challenge students to achieve high standards with appropriate support (PDF 576KB)

Domain 2 SA TfEL framework guide (PDF 2MB)

Develop expert learners - Domain 3

3.1 Teach students how to learn (PDF 443 KB)

3.2 Foster deep understanding and skilful action (PDF 452KB)

3.3 Explore the construction of knowledge (PDF 525KB)

3.4 Promote dialogue as a means of learning (PDF 477KB)

Domain 3 SA TfEL framework guide (PDF 1.7MB)

Personalise and connect learning - Domain 4

4.1 Build on learners’ understandings (PDF 543KB)

4.2 Connect learning to students’ lives and aspirations (PDF 545KB)

4.3 Apply and assess learning in authentic contexts (PDF 463KB)

4.4 Communicate learning in multiple modes (PDF 632KB)

Domain 4 SA TfEL framework guide (PDF 2MB) 


Teaching for Effective Learning

Email: Education.TfEL [at] sa.gov.au