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Role of parents in water safety

The water safety program is a curriculum-based program and involves a direct relationship between the instructors and the school.

General guidelines

Parents are asked not to communicate with the instructor or any child during the lesson. Direct communication in these situations is distracting and has an impact on the safety of the class.

If parents need further information about the program or their child’s involvement, they must contact the school or the school representative on site.

When a child is in the care of a parent or caregiver

In some situations, the school will release the child in the care of the parent or caregiver. In these situations, parents can assist instructors by:

  • making sure that the consent form and complete medical information are available
  • supervising the child’s changing and toilet access
  • remaining visible and accessible at all times during the lesson
  • communicating with the instructor-in-charge if they need further information about the program or their child’s involvement.

Water Safety Team

Phone: 8416 5920
Fax: 8115 5558
Email: Educationswimaquatics [at] sa.gov.au