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Distribution service

The Distribution Centre can organise the distribution of non-digital educational support material to various educational sites.

Who can use the service

This service is available to:

  • education department corporate offices
  • schools and preschools (government and non-government)
  • Department of State Development
  • TAFE
  • private Industry.

Services offered

The following services are offered:

  • distribution of non-digital educational support material
  • in-house photocopying (black & white only)
  • labelling
  • folding
  • enveloping
  • collation.

Fax and email distribution

The Distribution Centre does not offer email or fax distribution services. Business units can contact the DECD.StratComms [at] sa.gov.au (Communications directorate) to discuss their options.

Suitability of material

Each distribution request will be assessed on a case by case basis to ensure the material is suitable for distribution. The education department reserves the right to refuse distribution.

Advertising material cannot be endorsed by the department unless otherwise stated.

Suitability of external material

External material for distribution should be of an appropriate nature, related to the education and child development sector or which provides educational or child development support, and must be approved prior to distribution.

The department reserves the right to refuse to distribute material where it is considered that the material is not suitable for distribution to the department's worksites. In any event, external material is not deemed to be endorsed by the department.

Where appropriate, to ensure suitability of material, the procurement unit on behalf of the department's distribution centre will seek assistance from relevant principal policy officer(s). The principal policy officer(s) will seek approval from the relevant nominated delegate, and advise the procurement unit accordingly.

If a particular item is deemed unsuitable for distribution, the distribution centre will advise the organisation. Contact details of the nominated delegate will also be supplied, should the organisation request further clarification. 


When organising a distribution, timelines must be considered.

Job Complexity Time required
High level/complex distributions
Multiple documents, collating and counting according to enrolment numbers or number of educators.
Within 10 working days from receipt of materials
Low level distributions
No collation involved.
Within 5 working days from receipt of materials

Request a distribution

To request a distribution:

  1. complete either an internal request form (PDF 76KB) (for education department sites) or an external request form (PDF 86KB) (for external customers)
  2. return it to the Distribution Centre along with a sample of the material to be distributed.

You will be notified via email once your distribution has been approved (together with a quote) or declined.


Deliveries are accepted before 3pm, Monday to Friday. Deliveries arriving after 3pm cannot be accepted without prior negotiation.

Written notice is required for any delivery requiring storage or distribution. 

Deliveries may be refused where reasonable notification is not provided. Returning materials will be at the expense of the sender.


7 Bray Avenue, Torrensville SA 5031

Storage and warehousing services 

Short and long-term storage and warehousing services may be available, depending on operational capacity.

Pallet space may be available upon negotiation. 

Contact the distribution centre for a quote.


Distribution Centre

Phone: 8234 0140
Fax: 8234 0136
Email: educationdistributioncentre [at] sa.gov.au