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Mental health support for students aged 5 to 11

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You can contact Kids helpline for any reason. It’s free and available anytime. You can talk to someone on the phone or chat online. Ask an adult you trust if you need some help.

Phone: 1800 551 800.

Help yourself

Talk about your feelings with a friend or adult that you trust. Kids helpline has some tips on how to talk about feelings.

Feeling lonely happens to everyone. You can feel lonely when you are by yourself or when you’re with friends or family. Learn what to do if you feel lonely.

Sometimes life is hard. You might feel bad inside and that things won’t ever get better. Talk to an adult you trust if you are having scary or bad thoughts. This could be a parent, carer, Elder, teacher or the student wellbeing leader at your school.

Help your friend

You may notice your friend is not acting like themselves. They may get angry, be sad or are crying a lot. Letting them know you are there to listen and be their friend is a big help.

Watch this short video on how to be a good friend and ask R U OK? (YouTube 1 minute). You will learn the 4 steps to:

  • ask
  • listen
  • encourage action
  • check in.

Kids helpline has other things you can do to help a friend who feels down.

Engagement and Wellbeing

Email: education.wellbeing [at] sa.gov.au