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Fixtures, fittings and furniture design standards for contractors

The design standards (PDF 1.1MB) provide guidance for contractors who install, repair and maintain fixtures, fittings and furniture at SA government schools and preschools. The links below take you to different sections of the design standards.

Curtains and blinds

Refer to the design standards for:

  • curtains and blinds
  • preferred types
  • safety provisions
  • blackout requirements.

Plumbing fittings

Refer to the design standards for:

  • appropriate sinks and troughs for different areas
  • tap ware                                                    
  • amenities, including relevant accessibility requirements
  • student and staff showers, emergency showers and eye wash units.


Refer to the design standards for:

  • joinery guidelines
  • appropriate materials
  • guidelines for bench heights
  • accessible work points.


The design standards include specifications for:

  • bag lockers
  • display boards/whiteboards
  • storage units
  • signage.


Refer to the design standards for additional information about:

  • fume cupboards
  • flammable materials cabinets
  • vented corrosives cupboards
  • kilns
  • 3D printers.

Loose furniture

Refer to the design standards for additional information about:

  • loose furniture
  • clocks
  • shelving.

Asset Standards and Environmental Management

For enquiries regarding standards 

Phone: 8226 0091 

Email: education.standards [at] sa.gov.au  


For enquiries regarding sustainable infrastructure 

Phone: 8226 3497 

Email: education.environment [at] sa.gov.au