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Gardening, fencing and security guidelines for contractors

Guidelines for contractors building or maintaining outdoor areas at SA government schools and preschools.

Reducing fire risks in the garden

Planting must be designed to reduce potential fire danger risk. Avoid planting conifers, rough barked eucalyptus or species which shed bark.

When choosing trees, always consider the height they will reach when fully grown. Overhanging trees should be avoided.

Trees must not be planted in close proximity to buildings. Deciduous trees (trees that drop their leaves for part of the year) are more suitable for planting closer to buildings as they do not drop litter during summer.

Plants must be spaced so that there is not a continuous canopy or line of flammable undergrowth between the surrounding vegetation and site buildings.

Site security

Consider site security when landscaping by avoiding creating spaces for intruders to hide.

Choose plant species that allow clear undisturbed vision above 1m and below 3m. The minimum acceptable tree canopy height above ground is 1.8m.

Refer to the design standards (PDF 1.1MB).


For assistance and enquiries with residential boundary fencing, contact Asset and Facilities Services on education.afs@sa.gov.au

Swimming pool fencing

All swimming pool fencing must satisfy the Building Code of Australia and AS 1926.1:2007, swimming pool safety part 1 – safety barriers for swimming pools.

If mesh with an aperture (holes) up to 100mm is used, the minimum height must be 2400mm.

All pool gates must have a childproof self-locking latch.

For other fencing advice, contact the Security and Emergency Management Team on 1800 000 279 or Education.SecurityIncident@sa.gov.au.


Building slabs should be exposed to 75mm on all edges to assist in termite prevention and inspections.

Do not undertake any work such as paving or installing garden beds that cover termite barriers, weep holes or inspection zones. This includes the installation of air-conditioners and hot water systems that may obstruct termite inspections.

Termite management measures must be in accordance with DPTI termite management guidenote G38 (PDF 130KB).

Treating existing termites

Before undertaking any extermination measures, contact the Asset Support Centre on 1800 810 076 to seek advice and record the infestation.

Sites which have been treated with termiticides should refer to DPTI guidenote G32 – assessment and management of Department for Education sites treated with termiticides (PDF 127KB)

Refer to the design standards for additional guidance. 

Asset and Facility Services

Phone: 1800 810 076
Emaileducation.afs [at] sa.gov.au