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Governing council election planning

Once a year the site leader will organise an election to elect the parent members of the council. This usually happens at the annual general meeting (AGM) during the first term of the school year, but it can be different for each preschool or school (site). Some sites might choose to hold a postal ballot instead. It’s all about what works locally.

Suggested time frames leading up to the election

This time frame is a guide for a council that has parent members. The site leader will work with the council to decide on the dates before the election is called.

At least 2 weeks before the election (more time can be helpful)

  • Notify the preschool or school community that an election is coming up.
  • Call for nominations for parent members:
    • via a ‘notice of election’
    • include details about when nominations are due and how many places there are.
  • Send letters to retiring council members to let them know whether they are eligible to stand again.

A week before the election

  • Arrange for staff representatives for the council.
  • Nominations will be due in and need to be counted:
    • elections only need to be held if there are more nominees than places.

A few days before the election

On the day of the election

If you have enough nominees, it’s time to hold the election. Depending on what works best at your site, the actual election might be either:

  • at the AGM (usually in first term of the school year)
  • by postal vote.

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