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Governing councils – annual general meetings (AGM)

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Every site's council has to hold an annual general meeting (AGM) once a year.

Elections are usually held at the AGM. If your site has an election planned, you'll probably find it helpful to look at election planning for councils.

Importantly, you will be sharing the annual report for your site (preschool/school) with your community.

Who, when, and what happens

  • who comes – people from your site’s community and all council members
  • when – once a year, only after the annual report and financial statements are released
    • it can’t be more than 16 months between AGMs
  • what happens –
    • council elections (electing members or sharing results)
    • a chance for the chairperson and site leader (principal/director) to talk about how well the preschool/school is doing.

What information you should expect to see

Ahead of the meeting the site leader will have shared the annual report with the council. The annual report should show progress against a variety of different plans. Some examples of these planning documents include:

The annual report should include clear information about:

  • learner achievement and development, for example reporting on Australian Curriculum   
  • effectiveness of improvement strategies, for example the targets in the strategic and site plans
  • resource management, for example finance reports
  • compliance requirements, for example relevant history screening checks.

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