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Talking to the media

There are times where you may need to interact with the media. This may be to generate publicity for your school or preschool by celebrating achievements and building school pride, or using the media to keep your community informed. 

The media may also approach you as a governing council (or preschool management committee) member for comment on a matter that affects parents.

Your responsibilities 

It is important to act responsibly when representing your school or preschool, as what your community sees and hears in the media can be very influential.

It is essential to work in line with your school or preschool’s policies and procedures as well as your council’s or committee’s constitution.

When working with the media:

  • make sure you respect the safety and privacy of children and young people
  • make sure that comments you make do not hinder the safe and successful operation of your school or preschool
  • avoid comments that may bring the school or preschool into disrepute or defame any members of the school or preschool community.

Tips to work effectively with media

There are a number of practical tips you can use to build strong working relationships with local journalists.

This will help you get the most out of your interactions with the media and make it easier to respond to issues and best represent your school or preschool.

  • Make contact - personal contact with journalists is the best approach and you can simply look through your local paper to see who writes about education.
  • Be available - work with journalists to meet their deadlines by returning their calls and being a credible and reliable source.
  • Consider photos - images bring a story to life so consider what photo opportunities might be effective. Always remember that any image of children and young people requires parent/caregiver consent.

Managing issues

The media reports on events that are of interest or concern to the community. There may be times when your school or preschool is of interest and the media is seeks information or comment.

In most circumstances, the media will understand that the principal or preschool director will need to manage incidents when they occur. It is recommended that you contact the Media unit for advice.

Media Unit

Phone: 8226 7990
Email: Education.MediaUnit [at] sa.gov.au