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Involving the Aboriginal community in governing councils

When you work on a governing council for a school or preschool (site) that has a lot of Aboriginal students you must make sure that the views and needs of Aboriginal families and students are thought about.

Getting the local Aboriginal community involved

Learning outcomes for Aboriginal students are greatly improved when sites set up partnerships and connections with Aboriginal families and communities. The examples below are just two possibilities. As with all committees and councils, it’s about what works best locally and can be formal or informal.

Aboriginal representation on councils

This could be as a:

  • parent member
  • community member, like an Aboriginal Elder
  • representative from an Aboriginal community voice committee that provides a voice for local Aboriginal people.

Working with local partnerships

A local partnership of sites working with the local community can be a flexible way to create positive communication with Aboriginal parents and families. It can help in many ways, including:

  • meaningful connections with families about education and decision-making
  • positive communication with Aboriginal parents and families to celebrate achievement and success.

Why this matters

Having meaningful connections between the preschool/school community and Aboriginal students, their parents and families allows Aboriginal children to experience success in education. This includes recognising and respecting the diversity of Aboriginal people and communities, the importance of cultural identity to Aboriginal people, and building trust and strong relationships with Aboriginal parents and families.

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