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Applying for grants for OSHC services

Tips for successful grant applications

Grants are usually competitive and each grant will have its own funding criteria and requirements.

Some tips to help you apply for grants are:

  • check the grant guidelines to ensure your service is eligible to receive the grant
  • check the application process to find out exactly what documents you need to submit and the closing date for applications
  • give yourself time to plan, prepare and revise your application
  • research the grant program to understand what the funding providers are looking for
  • provide supporting documents to strengthen your application, including positive media about your organisation, support letters from families or the community, and examples of other successful grants you have undertaken
  • respond to all the selection criteria and make sure you stay within word limits
  • be clear, concise and to the point in your responses
  • provide evidence and examples of your service's experience and achievements to support each criteria
  • read and complete the declaration
  • clarify the information required from the grant provider if you are uncertain
  • a representative of the approved provider must sign the application
  • sign and submit the application by the due time and date
  • keep a copy of your application.

Writing your application

Most grant applications seek submissions that include the following categories.

A brief description of your organisation

This is the place to describe your purpose and long-range goals.

The grant evaluators need you to demonstrate how your existing service meets identified community needs. They do not want to read a long-winded history of your organisation.

You need to establish confidence in your organisation's capacity to deliver.

The case for support 

Your grant application should demonstrate that a significant need exists, and your service has the capacity to meet that need.

Addressing the need for your grant application should be realistically achievable by your organisation.

Evidence of community support is often required. Letters of support for the application should highlight the benefits and how it will make a difference to the wider community.

The proposed project 

In this section you should demonstrate that you have developed a clearly defined, creative, achievable and measurable strategy to address the need previously described.

Make sure you:

  • clearly define your aims and objectives
  • outline your strategies, how they will be achieved, when and who by
  • explain how will you measure the project's success and how will you know it has met the outcomes identified
  • are realistic and honest about your budget and ensure it is in line with the scope of the grant.
  • include any contribution your organisation will make (in-kind support) such as resources, time, staffing, administration etc.

Simplifying funding for community organisations

You can find frequently asked questions, grant information sessions, apply for and report on grants on the Grants SA website.

Possible sources of grant funding

sa.gov.au provides a list of grant databases, search engines and contacts and grant writing tips including:

  • GrantAssist is a South Australian website that can help you locate Government assistance and programs most relevant to your business needs 
  • Grant Finder helps you locate relevant grants and assistance programs, a service provided free by the Australian government
  • South Australian local councils have a variety of grants available. Contact them direct for more information
  • Funding centre is a site providing a comprehensive listing of grants from around Australia and internationally
  • Grants SA
  • SA Tenders and Contracts.

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