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Requesting data on government schools

Data on government schools may be available upon request.  This may include information about:

  • schools and school enrolment
  • sites and locations
  • student performance
  • children’s services
  • spatial analysis.

Research projects

All data requests relating to research projects must have an approved research application before a data request will be considered by Data Reporting and Analytics.

If the data will be used for research purposes, please complete the online research application form.

For information about undertaking research with the department, see conducting research and evaluation

Before submitting a data request

Before completing the data access request form, it may be useful to see other departmental data sources.

The department produces a range of reports and statistics relating to sites, students and staff in South Australian government schools and preschools that are freely available to the public.

See the following sites:

Requesting data

If you require data that is not available through the above sources, you can make a request by completing the data request form.

The data access and transfer procedure (PDF 599KB) explains the conditions of releasing data.

Please note that the date requested may not be the date when data is provided. Submit your research application and data request early, to allow time for the department to assess and process your request.  

Approving requests

Requests will be assessed on a case-by-case basis in line with relevant legislation to ensure compliance with privacy, confidentiality requirements and intellectual property guidelines.

Due to various reasons, the department may not be able to process all data requests. This may include:

  • if the requested data is not available
  • when the department is not the official owner of the data
  • when the department is unable to release resources to process the request in the specified timeframe, or to deliver extensive and/or complex requests.

Refer to the following documents for more details:  

Data Reporting and Analytics

EmailEducation.DataReportingAnalytics [at] sa.gov.au