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Reports and surveys that support workforce planning

Workforce reports and surveys help us to understand changes in the teacher job market and learn more about the teaching workforce at a state and national level.

The information can assist us to plan for a quality and sustainable teaching workforce.

Qualified teachers and the teacher workforce in South Australia

The labour market and demographic profile of qualified teachers and the teacher workforce in SA report 2006 – 2011 (PDF 1.2MB) provides a demographic profile of all qualified teachers and the teacher workforce in South Australia.

South Australian university teacher education students

Teacher education reports provide a profile of university students studying teacher education courses offered by South Australian universities:

Schools Australia reports

Schools Australia reports  provide annual data on:

  • numbers of schools, students and staff for all Australian states and territories
  • measures of student engagement
  • ratios of full-time equivalent (FTE) students to FTE teaching staff.

The reports are released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics using data from the National Schools Statistics Collection (NSSC).

School teacher workforce data – national reports

The Australian Government has funded the development of numerous national reports on the school teacher workforce, including:

  • teaching and learning international survey – this focused on the learning environment and working conditions of teachers in schools
  • staff in Australia’s schools survey – data was collected from over 17,000 teachers on topics including initial teacher education, employment status, job satisfaction, career paths and intentions
  • national teaching workforce dataset – was compiled using data supplied by teacher employers and registration bodies.

National report on schooling in Australia

The Australian Curriculum and Reporting Authority's national reports on schooling in Australia covers the annual progress towards the educational goals for young Australians identified in the Melbourne Declaration.

Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership reports

The Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership initial teacher education data reports bring together data on initial teacher education applicants, students and graduates.

National Skills Commission

The National Skills Commission provides expert advice and national leadership on Australia’s labour market and current, emerging and future workforce skills needs.  By searching the website a range of information can be sourced specific to the teaching workforce at the national level.   

South Australian public sector workforce information

The size, structure and composition of the public sector workforce changes annually. To better understand the workforce, the Commissioner for Public Sector Employment conducts a census every June. Workforce information collected includes employment details (full-time, part-time or casual, classification) and workforce demographics (age, gender and diversity).

The department is represented in the workforce information across all relevant acts.

Workforce Reporting

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