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Conducting research and evaluation

Undertaking research within Department for Education sites

It is recommended that researchers read the conducting research with department staff, students and data procedure (PDF 361KB) before completing the online research application form.

When completing the research application form, you may be required to upload some or all of the following documentation:

  • Working with Children clearance OR Teachers Registrations Board registration
  • HREC application/ amendments/ letter of approval
  • Letter of Introduction to Principal/ Site leader
  • Information sheets for participants
  • Instruments/ assessments/ questionnaires
  • Consent forms
  • Proof of Public Liability Insurance (see table below).

See the department's research policy (PDF 546KB) for more information.

University contacts for Public Liability Insurance

The University of Adelaide


The University of South Australia

Level 2, 101 Currie Street, Adelaide SA 5000
Internal Post Code -  101-06
Phone 08 830 21678
Fax: 08 830 21699 
Email: insurance [at] unisa.edu.au 
CRICOS provider no. 00121B

Flinders University

Risk and assurance services
Phone: 8201 3793
Email: riskandinsurance [at] flinders.edu.au
CRICOS provider no. 00114A

Undertaking school-based research in more than one Australian state or territory

Different forms and guidelines may apply to researchers undertaking projects across other states and territories.

Researchers should consult guidelines specific to the state research is to be conducted in.

Alternatively, applicants can submit a national application form (PDF 317KB), after reading the national application form guidelines (PDF 151KB).

Accessing information

Data that is already held by the department but not typically collected for the purposes of research includes:

  • enrolments
  • attendance

See requesting data on government schools for more information.


Both South Australian and national applications for research and evaluation must be submitted to education.ResearchUnit [at] sa.gov.au

Commissioning or reporting on research and evaluation

It is recommended that Department for Education staff read the reporting on research and evaluation fact sheet for general guidance on reviewing or summarising research or evaluation findings.

It is recommended that staff read the initiating and sponsoring research and evaluation fact sheet for general guidance about initiating, sponsoring or commissioning research and evaluation studies or work.

Research and Evaluation

Email: education.researchunit [at] sa.gov.au