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Deciding to cease operating an OSHC service

Before making the decision to cease operating an out of school hours care (OSHC) service, the school governing council must conduct a review to find out if there is still a need within the community for a service.

If there is a demand for OSHC and it can be viable the school needs to ensure a service is provided.

Conducting a review

The governing council must:

  • review the service’s previous usage
  • undertake a community survey (Word 233KB) to provide an estimate of participation numbers for before school, after school and vacation care
  • review the service budget and fee schedule
  • seek advice and support from the OSHC unit and Financial Services
  • review existing employment conditions for all OSHC staff
  • complete an action plan (Word 197KB) to record the review of the service, and identify who is responsible for each of the tasks and timelines.

Making a decision

Based on the review, the principal and school governing council can choose to:


Out of school hours care

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