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Other options for attending preschool

Your child might require different arrangements in preschool or need to change location. This page explains what other options your child has for attending preschool.  

Children with additional needs or disability

Your child may be eligible for extra support at preschool. Contact your local preschool to discuss if your child is eligible for the Inclusive Education Support program. For more information see disability support at preschool.

Attend 2 different preschools

Your child is entitled to 15 hours per week of preschool and this can be accessed over 2 preschools. When you’re enrolling your child, you can negotiate this arrangement with the preschool director.

Change preschools after enrolment

You can apply to transfer your child to another preschool at any time during the year. Transfers can be considered if:

  • your child is eligible for a place at their local preschool, for transfers from interstate, overseas or a non-government school. Enrolment for overseas children depends on certain conditions 
  • the preschool has enough resources and places available to take non-local children.

Transfers between South Australian public preschools may be negotiated between the preschools (for example, for the start of the next term). Until the transfer is approved, the child must continue to attend their current public preschool. 

Contact the preschool directly for more information.

Attend integrated early education centres and services

Integrated centres are places that offer 2 or more services. The combination of services varies from centre to centre and may include childcare, playgroup, preschool, early education and learning, early development, health services and family support services.

Children's centres offer a mix of education, health and family services and are supported by the state government. These centres aim to meet the needs of the community so each may offer a slightly different mix of services.

Find out more by contacting an integrated children’s centre near you.

Non-government preschool options

Contact non-government preschools directly for information about eligibility, fees and attendance requirements.

General enquiries

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Email: education.customers [at] sa.gov.au