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English as an additional language or dialect program

This information is for non-department teachers and others seeking resources or employment by the department as:

  • English as an additional language or dialect (EALD) teachers
  • community liaison officers (CLO)
  • bilingual school support officer (BSSO).

The English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EALD) program helps sites to provide an effective pathway for students from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds who are learning English as an additional language/dialect.

The EALD program contributes to the delivery of culturally inclusive approach by the department to support its multicultural cohort. It also manages the Intensive English Language program (IELP) and the New Arrivals program (NAP).

Learning English: Achievement and Proficiency (LEAP) Levels

In 2021, Learning English Achievement and Proficiency (LEAP) Levels replace the language and literacy levels. LEAP Levels describe the development of language  needed across the year levels to access and demonstrate curriculum knowledge, skills and understandings for all learning areas. The LEAP Levels focus on the productive aspects of language and literacy (spoken, written and multi-modal texts).

The LEAP Levels listed below are primarily an assessment, monitoring and reporting tool to be used to inform programming and planning for EALD learners.

Community liaison officers

CLOs come from a range of language and cultural backgrounds. They:

  • work with schools to develop understandings about student cultural backgrounds
  • provide information about the Australian education systems and curriculum policies to parents and caregivers
  • work closely with school communities and external agencies to ensure the provision of and access to the most appropriate educational programs for students.

See more detail about the roles of community liaison officers (PDF 507KB) and contact information.

Working as a bilingual school support officer (BSSO) or community liaison officer (CLO)

These documents provide information about working as a BSSO or CLO:

English as an Additional Language or Dialect program Team

Phone: 8463 5981
Email: education.ealdCurriculum [at] sa.gov.au

EALD Cultural and Bilingual Support Team

Phone: 8226 2756
Email: education.eald [at] sa.gov.au