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Reflect and share – after students volunteer

This information guides teachers and leaders through the final stages of a student volunteer program in a school.

Reflection activities

After the volunteering experience you can bring all the students together for a reflection day (Word 967KB).

The day can feature a series of activities for students to reflect on what they’ve done, while also listening to others’ reflections. It can be a special time when students share their experiences and feelings of accomplishment.

Now's a good time to complete a post-volunteering survey. Have all students complete a student volunteer feedback sheet (Word 956KB). This can work for a longer program or a one day visit.

Share and celebrate good new stories

It’s good to take time and celebrate what your students have done. You could:

  • share student volunteering stories in school newsletters and on the school Facebook page
  • get your student voice to report at school assembly 
  • recognise students with an award
  • share stories with the local newspaper or radio.

Say thank you

Remember to thank your host organisations and to stay in contact. This will keep the door open for future collaboration. You can:

Student Volunteer Program – we'd like to hear from you

If you found these student volunteer resources useful or have ideas for us, please get in contact.

Phone: 8226 3795
Email: education.volunteers [at] sa.gov.au (subject: Student%20volunteer%20program%20feedback)