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Keeping children safe from bullying

A new education anti-bullying strategy

As part of the state government’s commitment to keeping children safe from bullying, the department is developing a strategy to guide the delivery of school-based measures to address all forms of bullying including cyberbullying.

The department is developing an anti-bullying strategy, with a whole-of-school approach informed by research and evidence to better support schools, teachers, students and parents.

Schools need a range of responses to the different types of bullying behaviours, and to minimise the impact of bullying on children and young people.

The new approach to anti-bullying will provide increased support, training and resources to help schools, teachers, parents and students identify and address bullying. It will be part of how we create a safe and inclusive environment for all students.

There will also be resources to assist students in vulnerable population groups who are at higher risk of being bullied.

The new strategy will be released in 2019.

Evidence-based approaches for schools

The strategy will include school-based approaches including:

  • guidance for schools to develop anti-bullying policies and strategies
  • evidence-based anti-bullying resources for schools, including curriculum materials
  • training for teachers to better prevent and respond to bullying behaviours 
  • new resources for teachers, parents and students to help recognise the signs of bullying.

The department is working with anti-bullying experts, teachers, students and the community to develop these evidence-based responses.

How to get involved

Attend the keeping children safe from bullying conference

Hear from leading international and Australian researchers, who will be exploring community approaches to address bullying on Monday 5 November. Attendees can nominate to be a part of a consultation workshop to be held on the following day when they register for the conference.

The conference is for educators and people working with children and young people from government, non-government, not for profit and community organisations.

How your input will be used

The information from the consultation workshop will be used to help create strategies, programs and resources to better support schools, teachers, parents and students.


Engagement and Wellbeing

Email: education.engagementandwellbeing [at] sa.gov.au