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Handling misconduct in governing councils

When you accept a position (through nomination, election or appointment) on a governing council there are specific expectations about how you behave. These behaviours are outlined in the code of practice (PDF 213KB), which has been approved by the Minister for Education.

Any allegations of misconduct might need immediate action from the site leader. 

Removal from the council

In some situations, it might be necessary to remove someone from the council. Only the Minister can do this. Your site leader will guide the council through what happens. There are some situations that are likely to end up with someone being removed.

Some reasons the Minister might remove a member from council are:

  • if a member has been involved in a serious allegation – this is about protecting children and young people
  • if a member is charged with a criminal offence – this depends on the offence, for example if it’s a serious offence or relates to child safety, fraud or sexual offences
  • failure or inability to satisfactorily and properly carry out the duties of their role on the council or committee.

Seeking to re-apply

A member’s removal from council is permanent. People found not guilty or cleared of the allegations can, in the future, re-apply to become a council member if they meet eligibility requirements.

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