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Governing council member conduct

When you are a member of a governing council there are specific expectations about how you behave. You must comply with a  code of practice (PDF 213KB), that has been approved by the Minister for Education.

By being on a governing council, you have agreed to comply with this code of practice.

Your behaviour – your community

The way you behave – your conduct – will affect the relationship you have with your site’s community.

  • always act honestly and lawfully
  • your main responsibility is to the site and the students and children
  • check there’s no conflict between your own interests and what you need to do on the council
  • don’t take advantage of your position on the council
  • never misuse information
  • keep all information confidential, unless you’ve been authorised or are required by law to share it
  • when there are disagreements, you might need to be a mediator and try to help resolve things.

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