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Industrial information and awards for OSHC staff

All employees of school governing councils are employed under a Federal Modern Award.

Under the Modern Award, employees must be provided with a copy of the: 

National employment standards

Under the NES, employees have certain minimum conditions. Together with pay rates in modern awards and minimum wage orders, the NES makes up the safety net that cannot be altered to the disadvantage of the employee.

The NES include:

  • minimum entitlements to leave
  • public holidays
  • notice of termination
  • redundancy pay.

In addition to the NES, generally an employee’s terms and conditions of employment can come from a modern award, agreement, pre-modern award and state or federal laws. 

See the Children’s Services Awards, 2010 - Excerpts (PDF 229KB) for more. 

Annual pay rise for OSHC employees

The Fair Work Commission undertakes Annual Wage Reviews which apply to the National Minimum Wage and the Federal Modern Awards. Updated rates will apply from the first pay period that starts on or after 1 July. You should check the Fair Work Commission Pay guides for the revised wage rates.

Note the new rates are the minimum Award rates and percentage increases do not have to be passed onto employees being paid above awards rates (unless the updated rates are higher than the rates being paid) although they can be.

Out of school hours care (OSHC)

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