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Notifying the department of terminated OSHC employees

Before a school governing council commences a process which could result in disciplinary action or termination of an out of school hours (OSHC) employee it is recommended principals seek specialist human resources and industrial relations advice from Human Resources.

Terminating an employee

When a school governing council or third party provider of OSHC or vacation care employee is terminated, the principal must:

  • lodge a report on the Incident Report Management System (IRMS) within 12 hours
  • advise an officer in HR Policy and Specialist Services. They will notify the Manager Recruitment and Compliance who will raise a flag in the HRM system.

Where the Incident Management division are involved they will request a person of interest’s ID number from Recruitment and Compliance and enter the required prompt into the HRM system.

A copy of the termination letter must be forwarded to:

Manager Recruitment and Compliance
Level 2 East
31 Flinders Street
Adelaide SA 5001.

Principals can find more information about the Incident Report Management System (IRMS) on the Intranet (staff login required).

Out of school hours care (OSHC)

Phone: 8226 6427
EmailEducation.OSHC [at] sa.gov.au