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School governing council employing OSHC staff

The school governing council is the employer of out of school hours care (OSHC) staff.

The council must register with ReturnToWorkSA (RTWSA) within 14 days of becoming an employer. 

For more information about registering for work injury insurance email ReturnToWorkSA at premium [at] rtwsa.com or call 13 18 55.

Work health and safety

RTWSA charges a premium to manage the work insurance scheme. The insurance premium is currently paid by the department. To enable RTWSA to calculate insurance premiums, the Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) directorate contacts sites in July each year to provide a reconciliation statement of remuneration paid to council workers for the previous financial year. The completed reconciliation statement should be emailed to Workplace Health and Safety at education.HSS [at] sa.gov.au, and a copy retained for site records. 

The council must have processes for:

  • recruiting, managing and supporting staff
  • ensuring regular payments to staff, including during school holiday periods.

The council may authorise the OSHC director (in consultation with the principal) to employ additional staff (short term).

Only the council can dismiss an OSHC employee.

Instrument of authorisation to the principal

The school governing council instrument of authorisation (PDF 395KB) is used by councils to arrive at an agreement about the extent of the principal's responsibilities and authorisations. 

Out of school hours care (OSHC)

Phone: 8226 6427
EmailEducation.OSHC [at] sa.gov.au