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Retirement and resignation

If you have decided to retire or resign from the department, you must provide written notice to your manager or delegate.


You can make the decision to resign at any time. 
You can retire if you are 55 years of age or older.

When to provide your written notice

You must provide written notice of your decision to retire or resign. The required notice period depends on your role:

  • Public Sector Act staff – 14 calendar days
  • teachers – 20 working days unless an earlier date is needed for superannuation purposes - if you are retiring or resigning at the end of a school year, your retirement or resignation date will be the day before term 1 of the following year
  • ancillary staff (1 or more years of continuous service) – 2 weeks
  • ancillary staff (less than 1 year of continuous service) – 1 week.

How to provide your written notice

Complete and submit a notice of resignation or retirement form to your delegate.

You must submit your notice of resignation or retirement to at least a level 4 delegate. If you are a level 4, 3, or 2 delegate, you must submit your notice to a delegate who is at least 1 level more senior than you.

If you are not currently allocated to a site (eg an employee with no ‘right of return’) you will need to forward your form to People and Culture Operations for a delegate signature. More information on this is on the form.


The Chief Executive has authorised staff substantively holding or acting in certain roles to make HR decisions on the CE’s behalf. Staff who hold these positions are called delegates.

There are different delegate levels. The more senior the staff member, the greater capacity they have to make decisions on behalf of the CE.  

Level 4 delegates are staff holding the position of:

  • manager (any person who supervises staff and reports directly to the Chief Executive, the chief operating officer, an executive director, a director or an assistant director)
  • principal
  • preschool director.

Level 3 delegates are staff holding the position of:

  • director
  • assistant director
  • education director
  • channel manager
  • office manager, Office of the Minister for Education
  • office manager, Office of the Chief Executive

Level 2 delegates are staff holding the position of:

  • chief operating officer
  • executive director.

Exit reports and interviews

You can have an exit interview or provide an exit report if you want to. Indicate on the notice of retirement or resignation form if this is what you want.

For more information, see the employee exit procedure.


If you are resigning or retiring from permanent employment and are considering reapplying for casual or temporary employment within the SA Public Sector, you must make sure you receive your Super SA superannuation payment first. This will ensure you are paid your benefit before starting that new employment

You are not required to take your superannuation benefit. If you don't receive your benefit before starting that new employment, and further contributions are made to your account, your superannuation can't be paid out until that employment ends.

If you have any questions about superannuation, including contributions, contact Super SA directly.

Payroll matters

If you have questions about leave payouts or other entitlements, you need to contact payroll services by emailing EDUPayrollDoc [at] sa.gov.au or calling 8462 1333 and selecting option 1 then option 2.


People and Culture Services

Phone: 8226 1356
EmailEducation.leave [at] sa.gov.au