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Permanent school and preschool teacher placement

This page is for permanent school and preschool teachers employed under the Education Act 1972 or the Children’s Service Act who are:

  • registering on the permanent teacher register
  • making a teacher placement request
  • registering to attend a permanent teacher information session.

Permanent teacher register

You must register on the permanent teacher register (PTR) if you are:

  • returning from leave (and do not hold a right of return to a school)
  • in a permanent against temporary (PAT) position (ie currently in a B or C vacancy)
  • in a temporarily placed teacher (TPT) position
  • identified for a required placement from your current location
  • completing a tenured leadership or seconded position without a right of return
  • a permanent relieving teacher (PRT) completing a tenured PRT position
  • part of targeted recruitment strategy
  • not included in any of the above but have prior written approval for inclusion on the PTR.

You may opt into the PTR  if you are:

  • exercising a guaranteed right of return from the country to metropolitan area
  • exercising a remote country to nearer country guarantee
  • an eligible permanent teacher from a category 1 and 2 or country school with preferential metropolitan placement consideration
  • an eligible permanent teacher lodging a request to transfer.

See permanent teacher register eligibility and application instructions (PDF 213KB) for more information.

Teacher placement requests

You may be eligible to request a special or compassionate placement for reasons including but not limited to:

  • physical restrictions
  • travel issues
  • medical reasons.

To make a request, complete a placement request form – VL729 (staff access only, PDF 267KB). Send the form with all supporting documents to the senior HR consultant for your current or most recent school or preschool.

Register for teacher information sessions

You can register to attend school or preschool permanent teacher information sessions via Eventbrite.
If you can’t attend a session, the following videos will provide information for registering on the PTR:

See applying for ongoing teaching positions video for help when you apply for advertised vacancies.


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