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Edujobs online application hints

Hints for your Edujobs online application to help us process your application in a timely manner.

All online employable (teacher and ancillary) register applications are processed in order of receipt. Clearance will be delayed if any of the minimum mandatory documents are not attached to your online application.

Documents that you must include in your application are on:

Due to the volume of applications, we do not give application updates.

Job seeker account

This includes all questions that are consistent across different application types.

The screens in the job seeker account are:

  • personal details and attachments
  • employment history
  • qualifications
  • certificates
  • pre-employment declaration (not permanent teacher register (PTR) or ancillary placement register (APR)).

Applicants need to consider the following:

  • You must have an active application in the system for the job seeker information to be processed.
  • This information only needs to be completed once. It will appear in all future applications as needed.
  • You do not need to complete an employable teacher registration (ETR) or employable ancillary registration (EAR) if you only want to apply for advertised positions.
  • Pre-employment information you provide will not be reviewed unless you are applying for the ETR or EAR register or if you are recommended for employment and employed.


We must sight and verify mandatory documents. See attachments (PDF 174KB) for more details. 

Attachments will only appear in your library if you selected to store them in your library in the old format. Otherwise, the attachment will only appear on the application they are attached to.
They will also appear in your job seeker account. It's important that you add the supporting documentation from the ‘My Account Library files’ (held in job seeker account) to ‘My Application Files’ when indicated in your current application questions.

Certificates and Registration

All minimum requirements and document evidence must be attached for clearance to work or teach. See teacher employment requirements or ancillary or support staff employment requirements for more information.

You must attach evidence of the following as a minimum so that the application will progress for review:

Employment history

You must have at least 1 row in employment history. See employment history (PDF 123KB) for more details.

Location updates

Portfolios and Partnerships often change. Applicants should check that their preferred locations are still accurate for where they want to work. For help, see teacher location preferences (PDF 136KB) or non-teacher location preferences (PDF 129KB).

My details (personal identity)

Australian residency and identity is a mandatory requirement. All applicants must attach evidence of an Australian birth certificate, passport and/or visa, or this will delay your application. See personal information (PDF 254KB) for more details. 

Pre-employment declaration 

This is the same for all government agencies.

Once you have completed the pre-employment declaration, you will not have to do it again unless the answers change.

Applicants need to answer the pre-employment questions for ETR and EAR registers and for all advertised vacancies.

The information you give will be reviewed if you're applying for the ETR or EAR register or if you are employed or recommended for employment.

Make sure you read all questions.

Question 9 is not asking if you have resigned from a job. It's asking if you took a final workers compensation payment to close a claim when you resigned.

For help, see pre-employment declaration (PDF 125KB)


No qualification headings are needed on attachments. 

Evidence of qualifications, transcripts or certificates must be provided to be verified for early childhood.

See qualifications (PDF 141KB) for more information.

Subject, major functions and skills update

Updates occur often, so applicants seeking employment in secondary schools should check their SACE subjects regularly.

Editing and updating your online application

You can edit or update your online application at any time. You must resubmit your application for all updates to be effective and recorded in your department application and employment records.

To edit your application:

  • login to Edujobs
  • access your application under the Current Applications Tab where there is a drop down box that allows you to Edit and Resubmit
  • attach certificate or information under correct heading
  • enter correct issue date
  • Save and Next
  • continue selecting next until you resubmit.


For support with system issues, such as password, email, internet service provider, browser, attachments, rows or boxes, contact:

Big Red Sky help desk
Phone: 1300 733 056
Email: helpdesk [at] bigredsky.com

For support with employable applicants, applications for teaching or ancillary pools (ETR/EAR), authority to teach or work letters or requirements for employment, contact:

Education.HR [at] sa.gov.au